Salon Safe+ is a back to work initiative for your salon or spa following the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Top Tips for when you return to the salon:

  • Ensure your staff and customers wear correct PPE during each appointment. Note: Most PPE is designed for single use and must be changed after each client e.g. gloves
  • Hands should be washed prior to putting on, and after removing gloves
  • Salon waste should be removed from salon each evening
  • Hand sanitizer should be made available for all staff and clients 

Prior to opening your salon, you should ensure you have;

  • Deep cleaned and disinfected all areas of the salon/spa including reception/retail area, work stations, treatment rooms, toilets.
  • Deep cleaned and disinfected all tools and accessories 
  • Laundered and disinfected all capes, towels and linens
  • Removed any non-essential items throughout the salon/spa
  • Implemented contactless methods of scheduling and payment
  • Acquired and installed correct personal protective equipment (PPE) to be used when necessary or requested
  • Discontinued the practice of handshaking and other non-essential contact 
  • Re-trained your staff on essential infection control and hygiene practices


Please contact us if you have any questions on implementing the above to your salon/spa