Moonstone Pop Up Foil (500ct)

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500 sheets - 5x11" - pre-cut - pre-folded foil

It's crystal clear... this foil is stunning!

Tell me more: Inspired by the texture and mystery of gemstones and crystal geodes, this foil will transport you to a transcendent holiday dream.


  • Pre-cut and pre-folded foils that are ready when you are. No prep needed!
  • Embossed texture prevents foils from slipping so that you can breeze through any service.
  • Unique colorful foil will turn heads and have every client posing for selfies while they process.

 just performance. These pop ups slide out of the box with ease. No ripping or tearing.

What It Does

• These pop-ups slide out easy with an embossed finish

• They don't stick or tear when coming out of the box

• Pre-folded edge so you can go from the box to the hair

What Else You Need to Know

• Pre-folded edge so you can go from the box to the hair

• 5"x11" size. Limited edition moonstone color and pattern.

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