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The masks are produced in a sterile environment and individually packaged in a sanitised manner. KN95 facemasks offer users long wearing comfort for use throughout the day. This mask will provide users protection from their surrounding environments with four layers of protection with a Filtration Efficiency of > 98.9%.
The 3D design of these masks ensures it fits closely to the face and reduces pollution intrusions from your surrounds. Mask includes an adjustable nose clip, chinstrap and side mounting detailing.
Contamination from the mouth area can spread deadly diseases and infections quickly; wearing a facemask can reduce the contact with these fluids and ensure you stay protected.
Facemasks should be worn in accordance with regular hand washing and sanitising for efficient form of protection to be achieved.

KN95 Four-layer protective mask
Filter Efficiency > 98.9%
Prevent Particular Matter 2.5 or PM 2.5
Anti-Pollen filter
Droplet Proof protective layering
Layer breakdown: 
Layer 1 - 35gsm non-woven
Layer 2 - 50gsm Meltblown cotton
Layer 3 - 50gsm ES cotton
Layer 4 - 35gsm non-woven
Facemasks can filter contagions; ensure correct use of mask is adhered to as to avoid spread of possible disease or infection.

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